hand-drawing-perspectiveThis is the personal blog of my classmate and hyung (older brother-figure ^^) here at SNU. He is an amazing drawer, dubbed “our teacher” of drawing. Follow his blog for some great rendering and drawing images. Elipblog


Here is a great video at The Atlantic’s website by Spencer McDoland. Check out more of his work here. It raises the question, or what should be the question of the day, ‘why not farm?’ While the world worries about dingle-berries in turbans running around screaming in the name of the PROFIT, while they kill innocent people just out for a rock-show or enjoying their frapaccinos; we should be worrying about the berries instead. Such as,  where those berries are going to come from when there are no farmers. In the PhD reading class I’m in “Landscape Thoughts” taught by Professor Kuitert here at SNU:GSES:LA, we’ve read Walden, The Life and Death of Great American Cities, and we’re finishing with Collapse, my all-time favourite book because like I said way back in 2002 at Dalhousie sitting next to Wolverine and Raphael in that horrible microbiology class taught by the scariest troll of human who had less of a sense of humour than C. botulinum , “I think societial collapse could be kind of fun.” (A huge inside joke that no-body will get unless you are that one person who studied medicine in Poland, and the other one who works for some biomedical group in Halifax[the last I knew]).

Seriously though, we need food or what has become Syria could be coming to a theatre near you. Technology won’t save us, machines won’t fix the earth, but trees and corn and biodiversity just might. So for those of you out there, fed up with the push and pull and rush of city life and tired of farting around in “academia” why not become a philosopher -farmer? Namutilda is planning on making a big move out of Seoul and somewhere rural to do just that.





kaemi_maeul_good_1 kaemi-maeul_good-2 kaemi-maeul_good-3 kaemi-maeul_good-4 kaemi-maeul_good-9 kaemi-maeul_good-11 kaemi-maeul_good-12 kaemi-maeul_good-14 kaemi-maeul_good-15 kaemi-maeul_good-17 kaemi-maeul_good-18 kaemi-maeul_good-19

Some of these photos I took with my BBRY Classic and the others I took using a Nikon FM2 with iso/200 film. The location is a small urban village in Seoul. This place is called Kaemi-Maeul or “Ant-Village.” It is the focus site of my thesis. I’m using ethnography to understand the traditional ecological knowledge of urban agriculture held by the mostly elderly residents in this village. Now I know you’re all thinking what happened to computation and python? I haven’t given up on it just as my graduate career has progressed I’ve become more and more interested in non-technical stuff. So I programme as a hobby and I do landscape ethnography, a Laura Ogden term, check out the book Swamplife for more information on that one. It’s fun to talk with elderly people who live on the side of a mountain about their gardens. I’ll update everynow and then about this project.

어떤 사진 휴대폰 치은 사진있고 남는 것들 나이콘 엪엠2으로 칙었다. 이 외치가 서울에서 작은 도시마을이다. 엿날에 이 마을 봍은 이름은 인디언청이였는데 1983년부터 개미마을오 볼었다. 저의 대학원 논면 연고 대상지이다. 경관민족지학을 통해 마을 사람의 전통생태지식 이해한다. 이 마을에서 마을인들 도시농업 아주 잘하고 있서 온 시대에 외해 마을사람 가진 지식 보관하고 싶다. 보과하는 방법은 바로 민족지학이다.


The wife and I at North Seoul Municipal Art Gallery taking a selfie and being tacky in front of art.

The wife and I at North Seoul Municipal Art Gallery taking a selfie and being tacky in front of art.

Leah had blueberries.

Leah had blueberries.



Photo taken with my blackberry classic.

Well folks, I’m no longer going to be posted to blog.namutilda.com regularly. As you know, well as you know being my mom knows, I haven’t been that consistent with updates. The truth is, I’m having too much fun in grad-school, playing with my daughter and spending quality time with my wife and family to be bothered. I usually blog consistently when I’m bored and have nothing to do. These days I have too much to do. Going to art galleries with the wife and kid, running around having fun, studying and working keep me busy, which is good. So, I’m going to take a break from namutilda for a while. Actually namutilda is evolving. My friend from ISU who is an architect and I are actually combining our efforts to make our own research office. If namutilda does anything if the future it might be as a media or some other outlet. So, thank you, mom, for following this blog and happy lifes in 5776 (2015-16).

~ Namutilda.

IMG_20150925_215825 IMG_20150925_215740

The Minolta X-700 was my dad’s and he gave it to me when I was around 12 back in 1995~96. I used it a lot and learned my ropes of photoraphy on that camera. Recently my father in law heard about my joy for film and handed down to me his Nikon FM2. I’ve been using these two cameras for photographing the site where I am focusing my thesis research. There is a sheer joy to using film, I really can’t express it. Digital is great but there is something I love about the heavy feel of a film SLR in my hand. Well that’s it.

from blog.networkosaka.comnetworkosaka on James Corner’s book NetworkOsaka is a graphic designer I’ve been following since I was in university. That would make it nearly 8 years now that I’ve followed their work. Their first work that was attention grabbing was their endangered species list exinct.   Definitely worth the look as well as the global warming poster which is more about our fragile global economy than climate change but heck the two are connected. I like his work one because it is just plain visually awesome and this guy is a master of his practice but also because as a designer he has a sense for our environment and fragility of the balance we live in. So check out his blog and look at his stuff. Nice to see interest in James Corner’s book on the American Landscape. -N~

Despite what comes off as a fairly dry blog about computer programming, remote sensing, environmental analysis and landscape in Korea, N~ does have a lighter side. Since we live in Korea escaping the all purveying reach of the major entertainment companies such as YG, JYP and others is impossible. Maybe if you lived on a mountain in the middle or no where you can escape for bits, but even there some middle aged hiking group is bound to trek by blasting candy sugared up adolescent hyper-sexualized music that nears pederasty on their smartphones and cackling very loudly. I mean not because “nature” is supposed to be enjoyed as is. It needs a soundtrack that isn’t wind brushing through pine. Often the call of the wild in Korea is at a higher decibel level. Oh well, the birds and dear like loud music too right? Well now that I’m done with that tangent on cultural differences and perceptions of nature, on to Bigbang and KPOP.  KPOP is pop music in Korea. Composed of boy-bands, girl-bands, duets, and solo artists. Nearly all touched by the hard of a plastic surgeon and marketing Peterpan syndrome to the masses. Bigbang is the current H.O.T. (Jacky Sucks) of this generation. They are the best KPOP group around and maybe has ever and will be. N~ likes Bigbang. Most people would turn their noses up at KPOP, but those in the industry are more than cosmetic surgery enhanced droids shaking it in front of a camera. They have a ridiculous training regimen that makes all other athletes look like couch potatoes. So they work hard and no one works harder than Bigbang. Something that I’ve noticed about many Bigbang videos that sets them apart from a lot of other KPOP music videos is their setting. Most are filmed in a very precise scape that has an artistic relation to the song. In many ways the landscape where the video is filmed is what tells the story of the lyrics, even if you understand Korean. Bigbang has chosen very good directors for many of their videos. Actually I think you could right a whole paper on the landscapes of Bigbang videos. So for your viewing and listening pleasure I’ve listed some of Bigbangs best videos.

Haru Haru


Beautiful Hangover (Japanese)


N~ really likes Bigbang videos, and their songs too. Something that we wish artists like Bigbang would do is use their fame to promote environmental issues. I mean every other celebrity has some cause or issue but none that I can think of are involved in sustainability and the environment. Bigbang videos are very landscape specific. What if they were to use their fame to promote landscape and environmental issues in Korea? Think of the impact they would have, not just in Korea but across Asia and other places afar.  Well Bigbang if you ever want to work with N~ on promoting some environmental causes let us know. Don’t laugh you one or two readers who actually read this far and follow this blog.  N~ knows it would never happen but hey we can dream right. That’s what celebrities are for. Ridiculous dreams. Well enjoy the videos and the music.


Yusaka Kamekura 1960 from Gurafiku

There is an excellent tublr site called Gurafiku currated by Ryan Hageman.

Japanese designer never fail to amaze me for the level of creativity and ingeniousness applied to their crafts, be it architecture, landscape or graphic. I’ve always looked to graphic design as a source of inspiration and I might have found my well fountain. Well this is just for your viewing pleasure. Have a look at enjoy. Be warned it will be a huge time suck because once you start, there is no stopping.

– N~

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